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24/7 Auto Towing Cleveland We Tow Vehicles from Point A to B with Safety and Expertise!

24/7 Towing Service

Whether you need roadside assistance to tow your heavy vehicle or a towing service to deliver your brand new car straight to your home from the showroom floor, get in touch with us—Cleveland Auto Towing Company.

We are a licensed, insured, trusted and bonded towing company in Cleveland, committed to offering round the clock roadside assistance with a promise that our expert auto towing Cleveland team will be there at your service whenever you need us.

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We, at Cleveland Auto Towing, offer flatbed towing service for autos 24/7—guaranteeing you immediate response and a reliable service in any given roadside towing situation. Flatbed towing service is one of the best ways to trail collided or broken-down heavy vehicles from point A to B.

Flatbed tow trucks can easily carry vehicles like cars and station wagons, and can also be used to carry heavy machinery that has track type mobility like dumpers, bulldozers and excavators.

We can help rescue stranded cars that have either rolled-over, spun out or have been in road accidents. Our experienced and trained flatbed towing technicians help trail your car to the desired destination by securing it safely onto the flatbed of the tow truck.

Move the Vehicle with Safety

We secure the damaged vehicle up the ramp using safety harnesses, so that the vehicle is in static motion. Since all wheels of the vehicle being towed are placed on the flatbed, the car doesn’t touch the ground which helps prevent further damage to the car such as wear and tear that is caused to the tires during the move due to friction or damage to the engine or ignition parts.

Prevent the Vehicle’s Power Train and Bumper Damage

Unlike dollies that are used for towing, flatbed trucks require no car power train adjustments. There is no need to remove or adjust the vehicle’s drive-shaft to prevent damage to the vehicle’s transmission parts. And besides this, unlike other types of tow trucks, in a flatbed truck, there are no hooks and chains, which lowers the chances of the bumper getting damaged when the towing truck speeds over a bump or a pit.

Saves Time

Loading the damaged vehicle onto the flatbed is relatively easier as compared to other towing methods. The car is simply driven up onto the flatbed and then strapped securely for transportation, saving time and sparing you from the stress and hassle that normally comes with transportation of damaged collided and broken-down vehicles.

When it comes to vehicle towing Cleveland, we take pride in being the preferred choice. We are available at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Simply give us a call and our team will be there for your emergency roadside assistance in the fastest turnaround time.


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